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Ads & Sponsorship Policy

At Mindful Kratom, our primary objective is to provide high-quality information about kratom and build trust among our readers. We are committed to delivering accurate and relevant content that meets the needs and demands of our audience. To ensure the integrity of our platform, we have established the following advertising policy:

1. Expert Review of Ads:

All ads and sponsor banners published on our website undergo a thorough quality check. If any errors or inappropriate content are identified, we reserve the right to remove or delete them. In such cases, we will inform the advertiser about the reasons for rejection.

2. Acceptance Criteria for Ads:

We only accept ads and banners that are accurate and relevant to our niche. Pharmaceutical advertising is permitted only if it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our readers’ well-being is our top priority, and we do not endorse any ads that may potentially harm them.

3. Distinct Separation:

We maintain a clear separation between our advertising and editorial teams. All ads posted on our site redirect users to the official websites of the advertised products or services.

4. Affiliate Programs:

Mindful Kratom participates in affiliate programs. Our content is carefully reviewed, and relevant affiliate links are inserted into informative articles. When readers make purchases through these links, we receive a small commission, which helps us operate independently.

5. Separation of Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Content:

We strive to promote products and services from trusted resources that benefit our readers. We ensure that the sponsored content is clearly distinguished from non-sponsored content, providing transparency and avoiding confusion.

6. Native Advertising:

We may include native advertising, which refers to links or advertisements embedded within our content. These links allow users to access the advertised page by clicking on them.

7. Partnered Programs:

Most of the content on Mindful Kratom is part of partnered programs. We thoroughly evaluate each product and service before publishing them on our platform. Our goal is to provide our readers with valuable insights and knowledge.

8. Non-Ownership of Advertised Products or Services:

We do not claim ownership of any products or services advertised on Mindful Kratom. The ranking and positioning of these products are determined solely by our editorial team, without any financial influence.

By adhering to these advertising policies, we aim to maintain the trust and confidence of our readers. We ensure that all products and services promoted on our website meet our quality standards and align with our mission of providing reliable information about kratom.

For further information feel free to contact us on [email protected]